The AgriBiotix team have long experience with the discovery of new antimicrobial substances, probiotics and plant growth promoting organsims

Our focus is to identify microorganisms and substances from microorganisms that may be used for treatments of infections both in veterinary medicine and in plant health.

Professor Paal Krokene is an expert on plant immunity and entomology, with long experience on priming effects in Norway spruce

Tage Thorstensen is a plant molecular biologist with expertise on CRISPR genome editing and plant immunity. He aslo has a long experience with technology transfer and innovation projects

Professor Dzung B. Diep is professor in microbiology at NMBU with expertice on bacteriocins which are antimicrobial peptides. He is group leader at NMBU

Dr. Kirill Ovchinnikov is a post doc working with discovery and production of new antimicrobial bacteriocins. He also has expertice on developing antimicrobial formulations for treatment of topical infections